China Extradition Bill : 2million march to suspend the bill

China Extradition Bill

The Hong Kong is as united as it can be, turning a small protest into a huge series of a week of prolonged protests of around two million people. This has been so far termed to be the biggest protest in the history of Hong Kong. All these people want the Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam not only to take back the Bill but also to step down.

China Extradition Bill

Seeing such a massive response, finally Lam addressed the nation saying, “there are certainly a no. of short comings in government’s work. It has followed a series of disputes and conflicts between the State and people’s choice. We are trying our best for resolution and concerned about the distress of our people.”

People still say that this means the bill is suspend for a while however the protesters want it to be taken back completely forever.  

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