Another bomb attack in Kabul, 40 casualties, Taliban accepted responsibility

Attack in Kabul

An attack on Monday by the Taliban in Afghanistan has killed roughly 40 people, including children, and injured around 100 more. It’s a stunning reminder of how bad the situation in the country remains after nearly two decades of war and relatively little attention paid by President Donald Trump and 2020 Democrats.

The Taliban took responsibility for a multifaceted strike in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, which included a car bomb and a lengthy gun fight. A private war museum, a television station, schools, and sports agencies were damaged by the Taliban’s blast.

A gun fight between Taliban militants and Afghan security forces lasted around eight hours after the attackers bombed the ministry of defence and made their way inside the compound. An unknown number of security forces and all five insurgents are dead.

It’s likely the death and injury toll will continue to rise in the next few hours and days.

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