Air strike in Afghanistan kills 28 Taliban

Air strike in Afghanistan kills 28 Taliban

At least 28 Taliban militants have been killed following an airstrike in Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province, a military source said on Sunday.


Based on a confirmed tip-off, an Afghan Air Force A-29 aircraft targeted a Taliban hideout in Bilchiragh district, Faryab province on Saturday evening, leaving 28 armed Taliban killed,” Hanif Rezai, spokesman of army Corps 209 Shaheen based in the region, told Xinhua.


The targeted militants were meeting for planning attacks against security forces.


US air forces are still flying combat missions however. There are three targeting authorities that govern the kind of strikes the US can conduct in Afghanistan.


Violence has escalated in the previously peaceful northern region over a past few years as Afghan security forces push against the militants in the south and east regions.


The Taliban militant group has not responded to the report so far.

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