Updates on Ali vs Meesha Defamation case

Updates on Ali vs Meesha Defamation case

In a hearing on Monday in a local court of Additional Session Judge Mr. Amjad Ali Shah, Ali Zafar got his statement recorded before the court.

Ali also accused Meesha for carrying out a campaign against him and she had also sent him a message to drop out from a specific recording, else he will have to face the resistance via campaign. As an added evidence, he also submitted some other stuff that included pictures, contracts, messages, social media posts etc. in his support to show threats received.

The hearing lasted for more than five hours. Court adjourned the next hearing on third of July.

Earlier a cross examination was also made on the four witnesses presented by Ali.

On May 14 the Supreme court has granted a relief to Meesha. The court had allowed recording of joint statements and the joint cross-examination of nine witnesses in this defamation suit. The court had also nullified the district court order to conduct cross examination of the witnesses soon after their statements.    

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