Pakistan, UK sign MoU for extradition of Ishaq Dar

Pakistan, UK sign MoU for extradition of Ishaq Dar

Pakistan and the British government have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will help to fight against corruption. Mainly the British government will help Pakistan for the return or Mr. Ishaq Dar to Pakistan against his corruption charges.

During last week Mr. Shahzad Akbar (Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Accountability) visited London and had a meeting with UK Home Secretary. The purpose of meeting was to discuss on joint efforts to tackle corruption in Pakistan.

This week again another set of meetings was held that finally turned into MoU. Confirming this in a tweet, Mr. Akbar told about his meetings with Mr. Sajid Javed (UK Home Secretary) and Mr. Mark Field (Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific) and a little about the MoU.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Shahzad Akbar and Mr. Gareme Biggar (Director, British Interior Ministry). In the absence of a treaty, this is the first ever MoU for extradition to Pakistan and for setting a legal basis for extradition of Ishaq Dar in the absence of a treaty.

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