Over 200 housing societies declared illegal in Rawalpindi

Over 200 housing societies declared illegal in Rawalpindi

As many as two hundred and three (203) housing societies operating in Rawalpindi, Potohar town Tehsil administration Murree, Taxila and Gujar Khan have been declared illegal. According to media reports Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) as per its list have declared 79 housing societies have been declared illegal within the jurisdiction of RDA, 46 in Potohar town49 in Murree, 24 in Taxila and 5 in Gujar Khan.

Seventy Nine (79) illegal societies are sprawling in 29 Mauzajat of Rawalpindi. District government has imposed ban on advertisement and purchase and sale of plots in these illegal housing societies.  Anti Corruption has been tasked to keep a strict watch over the activities of the housing societies which are functioning illegally. Director anti corruption has asked the citizens to contact anti corruption in case of any complaint.

However thousands of overseas Pakistanis have made investment in these societies and this robust amount is feared to sink in this scam.

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