Mount Everest takes life of another climber

Mount Everest takes life of another climber

Another American has died on Mount Everest, marking the ninth fatality on the Nepal side of the mountain this climbing season. It’s unclear what caused Chris Kulish’s death at South Col Monday after he descended from the summit, an official with Nepal’s tourism department, Mira Acharya, told the Reuters news agency.

Kulish’s family issued a statement expressing their heartbreak upon learning of the 62-year-old’s death. They noted that, after reaching Everest’s summit, Kulish “became a member of the ‘7 Summit Club’ having scaled the highest peak on each continent.

“An attorney in his ‘day job,’ he was an inveterate climber of peaks in Colorado, and the world over. He passed away doing what he loved, after returning to the next camp below the peak.


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