Punjab govt. issues notices for protesting doctors

Punjab govt. issues notices for protesting doctors

Punjab Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Department has decided to issue show-causes notices to protesting nurses, as Young Nurses Association’s strike and sit-in enters fourth day on Thursday.

The nurses also decided to hit back and threatened to withdraw their services from emergency wards after practically paralysing work in outdoor and indoor wards and operation theatres in public sector hospitals in Punjab during the last four days.

“The Department shall send explanation calls to protesting nurses through hospital administrations followed by normal course of ESTA code show-cause,” said Najam Ahmad Shah, secretary, SHC&ME, while giving a strong message to the agitating nurses rather than yielding to ‘unjustified demands’ of the nurses.

The nurses’ response to this warning was extremely bitter as they threatened to stop working in emergency wards to pressurise the government to fulfill their demands.

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