Musharraf case decision by Supreme Court

Musharraf case decision by Supreme Court

The press conference was held hours after a special court announced its verdict in a treason case against Musharraf, sentencing him to death for abrogating the Constitution and imposing emergency in the country in 2007.

Advocate Safdar noted that the trial was unconstitutional and laws were neglected during the process. He said that Musharraf was denied the right to fair trial.

The former dictator’s counsel said that the case was decided in a hurry and declared that the decision was “worse than the decision to hang [former prime minister] Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” — who was sentenced to death in a murder case.

Safdar added that co-accused of the convict should have been included in the trial along with Musharraf. He regretted that 77-year-old former president was trialed and during the process he was not even listened to.

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