Mohsin Abbas and Fatima seek Separation

Mohsin Abbas and Fatima seek Separation

Fatima Sohail filed for separation from her husband, Mohsin Abbas Haider, on Tuesday after she bravely spoke of alleged domestic violence at the hands of the actor earlier this year.

Sohail, who had claimed earlier that Mohsin Abbas Haider had “dragged,” “kicked,” and “punched” her, filed for separation in Lahore’s family court. It was filed by Barrister Ehtesham on her behalf.

She said in her petition that her husband had extramarital relations with another woman and that he physically abused her. She did not wish to be with Mohsin Abbas Haider anymore, she stated.

Sohail appealed to the court to issue a decree after accepting her request for separation.

On Thursday last week, she had appealed to the inspector-general of police (IGP) for Punjab to change the investigation officer in her domestic abuse case.

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