Mehwish Hayat meets Nick Jonas

Mehwish Hayat meets Nick Jonas

Pakistan’s leading star Mehwish Hayat, who had been actively vocal in condemning the ‘jingoistic’ behaviour by Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra, took the internet by storm after she posted a picture with the megastar’s husband and singer Nick Jonas.

As the two unlikeliest of people bumped into each other at the US Open Men’s Semi-finals, fans over on this side of the border couldn’t help but wonder if she conveyed her thoughts to Nick Jonas about his wife and the disagreements she had with her that garnered international attention as well.

While the picture and the caption itself was something that left many startled, the reactions of netizens made the entire meetup between the two all the more amusing and interesting.

While some people were just plain curious as to what the Bollywood star’s reaction would have been, others decided to ship the singer with the Pakistani beauty instead as they threw in some references from Priyanka’s infamous BeautyCon statement as well.

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