Legendary Actor Abid Ali admitted to hospital

Legendary Actor Abid Ali dies

Pakistani actor and model Iman Aly, and her sister singer Rahma Ali have lashed out at people for spreading rumours about their father’s death.

Iman took to her Instagram on Wednesday to clarify that Abid Ali is very much alive and the whole family is praying for him. She slammed news outlets, social media and bloggers for spreading fake news of his death.

 “Our family has been through turmoil all in the name of breaking news. I hope such bloggers are brought to justice in public eye,” wrote Iman.

Rahma also took to her Instagram and requested people to stop spreading fake news. “He is alive and will be Insha’allah,” she wrote.

Abid Ali was admitted to Karachi’s Liaquat Hospital on Monday due to a deteriorating liver disease. His daughters took to social media to request fans to pray for him.  Iman shared a family picture and wrote “Please pray for papa’s health.

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