Dollar on rise, jumps upto 164 in a day, gold climbs to 81500

Dollar on rise

Gold prices continue to register historic price hikes per tola on Gold, today (Thursday) closing at Rs. 81500 per tola.

10 gram gold registered a 772 rupee increase from the previous day trading in at Rs 70216. Gold prices yesterday reached Rs. 69444 after an increase of Rs. 442 on 10 gram.

The price of 10-gram gold witnessed an increase of Rs. 986 and was traded at Rs. 69,015 on June 25. The US dollar touched a record high as it soared against the Pakistani rupee in the interbank market earlier in the day.

The US dollar increased by Rs2.34 in the interbank market to reach Rs. 164.50.

Yesterday, the USD reached Rs. 162.47 in the interbank market as the rate of greenback increased by Rs. 5.2 during the trading.

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