Cyclone Vayu, heat wave expected for Karachi

Cyclone Vayu, heat wave expected for Karachi

A deep depression in the Southeast Arabian Sea, some 1500 kilometers away from the Karachi coast has converted into a ‘tropical storm’, national and international meteorologists said on Monday, adding that although the cyclone was ‘most likely’ to hit Indian State of Gujrat, it could result in a moderate heat wave for Karachi with very low chances of rain in the coastal areas of Sindh.

Cyclone is more likely to bring a moderate heat wave by the end of this week with temperature ranging up to 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity”, Chief Met Karachi said, adding that due to high levels of humidity, the real feel could be very uncomfortable for the people.

A similar type of situation had aired in June 2015 with fasting month of Ramzan, persistent power outages and scarcity of water had resulted in over 3000 deaths in the city.

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