Why are Hindus extremists?

6.3 million Hindus live and work in Saudi Arabia.
1.6 million in Oman.
1.1 million in Kuwait.
0.9 million in Bahrain.
1.3 million in Qatar
9.0million in UAE!
Also hindus live in Malaysia, Indonesia in millions
5 million hindus live in Pakistan
5 million in Bangladesh
And in many more muslim countries

No one forced and told any Hindus to say “Allah Hu Akbar” Or to go back to India.
No one threatened or harmed a single Hindu in the name of Religion.
Several Hindus live next to mosques in Gulf, they have no problems.
Not a Single Incident Of Mob Lynching Happened With Any of those Hindus.

*-Why Hindu extremists are lynching Muslims in India?*
*-Who is responsible for this?*
*-Has India taken any tangible actions to stop this barbarianism?*
*-Has India punished the responsible culprits and facilitators?*
*-What role has UNESCO/UNO played to stop this brutal abuse?*

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