What is in? Its time for ‘The Bottle Cap Challenge’

The Bottle Cap Challenge

Now a days most of you have all heard of some news on the Bottle Cap, opening the bottle cap without hands.


There you are!

This is the bottle cap challenge

and every one is trying it, not only the celebrities but common people as well.

The new viral challenge that has taken its place on the INTERNET is the new BOTTLE CAP CHALLENGE.


Like most challenges that went viral online, this one also doesn’t require much to be done to participate.

All you need is a bottle, a cap, a camera and plenty of time to learn a skill that, while not exactly useful, is highly entertaining.

It got popular and caught fire when actor Jason Statham, the action-movie star posted a video of him kicking a bottle. We all know that he is a man with the power of martial arts.

Filmed in slow motion, it shows him spinning 360 degrees before his foot connects with the bottle cap just enough to send it flying off the bottle, but not enough to tip the bottle over. By Wednesday morning, this 23-second Instagram post had more than 14.5 million views.

On Monday Statham posted this on his instragram and on wednesday morning there were more that twenty six thousand posts with the hashtag of #bottlecapchallenge. That’s the real power of instagram and fans.

Many other are now trying to do this challenge.

Why don’t you give it a try???

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