Tips to stop a car when its tyre explodes

Tips to stop a car when one of the tires explodes when speed exceeds 100 km/h

1 / First tip:
When a tyre explodes try to stay as calm as possible and hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands.

2 / second tip:
It’s the most important keep your foot off the brakes and don’t push it at all. Don’t even look at the brake pedal, don’t even think about it.

3 / third tip:
Stay on your path and try not to change it or get out of anyone’s way, stay on a path as straight as possible.

4 / The fourth tip:
If your car has a manual transmission, gradually change to a lower BUT ONLY do so if you feel that the car is completely under control.
If your car has an automatic transmission, stay in the Drive (D) gear DO NOT change.

5 / Fifth tip:
Don’t use brakes, the drag from the exploded tire will slow you down.

6 / Sixth advice:
When speed drops to 50 km/h, you can gently press the brakes until the car stops

Spread the message! You may save a life.

Side note: if you watch videos of cars slipping on snow or drifting, you will notice that the the wheels are turned in the direction you want the car to go!

Eg. The car’s tail is swinging slightly to the right (but the front of the car is still straight) then slowly turn the wheels in the same direction and same angle as rear (right).

The car will slowly or suddenly (depending on suspension type & road conditions) swing back in the opposite direction and you will have to be very alert and change the wheels direction back to straight.

Don’t do it too quickly otherwise the car will swing into the opposite direction and you may be facing oncoming traffic or you may rollover.

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