Highest grossing actresses this year

The American Journal of Forbes has released the list of highest grossing actresses this year i.e. of 2019.

This list contains the earnings for this year of Film Industry, Commercials and also self business.

  1. Scarlett Johnson (famous actress of Avenger’s series , earned this year highest 56 million dollars)
  2. Sofia Vergara (Famous American model and comedian actress, earned 44.1 Million Dollars )
  3. Reese Witherspoon (American producer and business woman, earned 35 million dollars)
  4. Nicole Kidman (Australian famous actress of Hollywood, earned 34 million dollars)
  5. Jennifer Aniston (actress of Hollywood, earned 28 million dollars)
  6. Kelly Coco (American actress and producer, earned 25 million dollar and got the 6th position)
  7. Elizabeth Moose (Famous actress of Hollywood, earned 24 million)
  8. Margaret Ruby (Australian actress and producer, earned 23.5 million dollars)
  9. Charlize Theron (South African actress and producer, earned 23 million dollars.)
  10. Alan Pompeo (Famous Hollywood producer and actress, earned 22 million dollars)


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