Gloria Jeans has no STN

Forwarded: Yesterday I went to Gloria Jeans located near Askari 10 with my cousin. The slip didn’t have STN (Sales Tax Number), and at the same time GST was included based on no STN on the slip. However, there was NTN on the slip, but it is irrelevant to customers. We told them to provide us either with STN or give our GST back. They said we are in process to get STN (lol you get it the moment when you register as a seller). The manager went to the cashier and told him to return the GST, following a backdoor to escape back to his office and not see us again. We got our GST back. If you guys want your GST to reach government, then make sure you check your billing slip at every restaurant, clothing store, supermarket etc you visit. If there’s GST included on the slip, check for STN. If there’s no STN, you can demand your GST back because these outlets never pay your GST to government and do under-invoicing to escape their tax liability. Furthermore, you can contact FBR and take Sales Tax Team to that corrupt outlet and get them closed for this malpractice.

We never see how corrupt our public is. Take this step for your country and make sure your tax reaches to government the way it is supposed to be. The billing slip is attached with this post.

Pakistan Zindabad! 🇵🇰

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