Dengue home remedy


Sadqa e Jaria ***
One of our friend Dr. Ali told a Precious Nuskha that if some patient of Dengi Virus got its white blood cells + Blood Plattets very low then give him 12 pieces of ” Black Pepper” daily to increase patients Blood Plattets dramatically to become normal in just fee days.

He got a patient whose Blood Plattets were down from normal 120,000+ to as low as about 11/12,000 and beside his hospitalised treatment he gave 12 pcs of Black Pepper (Sabut Kali Mirach)to chew and in few hours it become 20,000 and within 24 hours the blood plattets increase to 29,000 as patient respond very quickly and in few days time will become normal by the Grace of Almighty Allah.

Its an old Totka which is very effective for poor Dengy patients…pls spread to all the people who are Suffering.


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