COAS re-appointed for another three years

COAS re-appointed for another three years

As the COAS has been re-appointed or extended for another three years, criticism is found in different segments of the society.

However we also need to think that this power already exists for the Prime Minister and the same move was taken many times in the history of Pakistan. Lets see what the cartoon says

وزیراعظم جرنل باجوہ نے صدر جرنل باجوہ اور

چیف جسٹس جرنل باجوہ سے باہمی مشاورت کے بعد

آرمی چیف جرنل باجوہ کو تین سال کی ملازمت میں توسیع دے دی

شکریہ باجوہ صاحب 😂

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